When summer begins earlier
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, by Katja
Friday, 16 October 2015
/ Kea, Cyclades, Greece
Photos by: Lefteris Kontaxis, Katja Kristalli, Sotiria Kristalli

Kea, or as the locals call it, Tzia, is the first of Cyclades island group and has a great historic past. Just an hour away from the capital of Greece, it has been a luxury resort for the rich Athenians, already since the 1950's. 

I found myself in Tzia in early spring, under the most unexpected circumstances. When I arrived to its small harbor, along with six enormous paper boxes and a bag of my grandmother's cookies constituting my entire household, I didn't know what to expect from this summer. 

Abrupt cliffs, oak and olive trees cover the majority of the scenery, while the coastline is simply fascinating. The pureness of nature is prominent everywhere, as you may see hawks and other wildlife. 

I left no path unexplored and, being an early bird, I had the chance to enjoy the privilege of being alone in magnifiscent isolated beaches. 

The spectacular beaches of Sikamia and Spathi will enchant you for life, as well as others, which can be reached only by boat. Incredibly clear waters and hidden paths for hiking attract lots of international visitors, too. An island where you will be invited to a tea ceremony as well as to fishing in the afternoon. 

Whoever visited this island once has always to go back. It could be because of the sailing contest that takes place in May or it could be because of Anna's tiropita. Or it might be the energy that this island transmits. It is almost like it has its own personality. As my friend Apollonia once told me: "This is a magical island, it likes balance: You can never have a good thing without a small misfortune to balance it. You will get a flat tire the day you got promoted".