One city, one love
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Saturday, 17 October 2015
/ Paris, France
Photos by: Sotiria Kristalli

Throughout my life, I've been to countless destinations and there have been places which I've wanted to visit. Paris had never been one of them due to the language; everyone knows one must speak French in order to enjoy the city! Later on in life, however, I met a charming French guy and there I was, arriving in Paris with my minimal French.


Everything about this city is magical! When you first make it there, you're being charmed by the buildings, the restaurants, the streets, even the sky, with its grey color... everything attracts you! Combined with love, which I was experiencing back then, it truly was "une vie en rose"! 

The champagne, the macarons, the foies gras, the fillets and the wide variety of cheese were some of the things that captivated my gluttonous heart while my eyes and mind were too busy enjoying the bars, the clubs and everything around me. The language barrier, however, had started toning down my excitement. As a super sociable human being, I was irritated by not being able to carry on a conversation. Thus, I decided to learn how to speak French, a mission which lasted for ten tough months, yet afterwards I was chirruping my first chin-chins like a little baby bird! My life completely transformed: it was as if the gates of French culture and thinking had opened wide!

This was the beginning of the second phase of my life in Paris: Sans boyriend, yet with the language by my side - not a bad combination after all, for someone living in a seductive capital like this. People had become warmer, more talkative and more agreeable. Although I initially thought I couldn't love Paris more, I realized I was gradually becoming more and more of a French woman, and now I only enjoy things the French way. 

The gardens of the Louvre are no longer a tourist attraction in my eyes, but a fine place to lie down on a sunny day with my wine. The rain turned into nothing more than a weather condition, high heels are now the shoes I wear to work or when I go out for a walk. Cheese, foies gras and butter are staple contents of my fridge. 

Exhibition openings are no longer a reason to dress up but the excuse for more champagne, clubs are there to be visited shortly before closing and shopping is just an everyday party. 

Walking around the streets of this city is like seeing yourself in a beautiful dream, one which makes you want to change the way you live. 

Being and living in Paris was an experience of a lifetime: I saw life in its most exquisite form and finally found my future home. 

What you see here is a tiny piece of Paris. In the future, you'll be seeing more of it - more of MY Paris. 

Hopefully, you'll fall in love with it too.