My New York - where dreams come true
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Sunday, 18 October 2015
/ NYC, New York, USA
Photos by: Sotiria Kristalli

I first got to New York six years ago for 14 days, which were enough to change my life forever! I remember walking around JFK like a hillbilly, desperately trying to connect to the Internet - I was so unprepared I had completely forgotten to write down the address of my friend Ioannis on a piece of paper! When I got into the cab my heart was pumping so fast, wanting to jump out of my chest and disappear into the streets, which looked so familiar but were indeed absolutely strange. 

Once I got to Bedford avenue in Brooklyn, I entered the former warehouse which had been converted into a loft and, following Ioannis, I reached the apartment. I couldn't believe myself... I was in New York!! During the following 14 days I would only eat hot dogs and burgers, go to all types of vintage clothing festivals, chase lots of cabs and sleep so little... yet I missed so many basic things!

I' ll never forget how much I cried on my way back to Greece (literally, on my whole way back)... inside the cab, on the plane, while I was waiting for my luggage at the airport... all I could think about was how to get back there...! My love affair with Paris intervened, of course, a city which almost won me over for good, yet here I am now, living in the majestic New York for a respectable period of time. 

The second time around everything was different... I was different and so were the city and the circumstance... still, my heart was still jumping, like it did the first time! Alongside mine beat the heart of my lovely sister Katja, who came and stayed over for a while. 

As one would expect, the first period of my life in New York was characterized by waves, storms and adventures. Now, six months after my second arrival in the city and despite being all by myself (shame on you, Amsterdam, for taking my sister!), New York has just started whispering enchanting secrets in my ear.

The streets are livelier than ever and I can feel the pulse of the place and its people. I can't stop photographing the buildings and the streets that "make you feel brand new": In my eyes, Manhattan is as busy as a beehive and Brooklyn is full of color and intoxicating smells.

New York is always an open issue for me... I'll try to cover as much of it as possible - wish me luck!