Meeting the Donoussians
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, by Katja
Wednesday, 14 October 2015
/ Donoussa, Cyclades, Greece
Photos by: Fotis Politis

This small magic island is greatly appreciated for its natural beauty, its days, which are inseparable from the nights, and the incredible locals.

Allowing travelers to walk across it in only one day, Donoussa proves to be a rightful constituent of the island group called "Lesser Cyclades". Through the years, its wild, rocky scenery has inspired young film makers like Panagioti Venetsano, whose short film "Denousa", was shot here, in 2012.

Despite the infrequent ship routes (you can sail from/to Donoussa only four times per week), the island has recently become a Greek celebrity attraction, with weddings, parties and a whole lot of unexpected happenings often taking place. 

Anyone who has ever visited Donoussa, has created a cordial bonding with the places and especially, the people who constitute the extraordinary personality of this island. No wonder, since its ambiance and vibes are beyond comparison. 

The nights at Skantzohiros bar, the milkshakes at Corona Borealis, the experience of sunbathing at Kedros beach and the friendly environment will make you want to visit the island over and over again, even for a few days.