Like Good Wine
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Tuesday, 27 November 2018
/ Bordeaux, France
Photos by: Sotiria Kristalli

My love for France is common knowledge.

Some foie gras, some champagne and a piece of fresh baked bread are enough to steal my heart forever.

This time I had the chance to go a little bit souther, to the region of Bordeaux.

Everything started with a long trip from Amsterdam to Paris and then a very interesting road trip  that led Aurélién and myself to the country of wine.


First stop was the famous Dune de Pilat, a huge sand mountain that stands between the biggest forest that lays in France and the beautiful blue sea in the bay of Arcachon.

It is the biggest in Europe and honestly, one of the most impressive places I have ever been.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to climb on the top of it, as my tired lungs were complaining constantly, but the view from above was worth every breath!

Miles and miles of forest on the one side and bleu waters with small sand islands on the other.

Here and there there were people, that gave the impression of little playmobil people placed on an artificial dune, and river of sands were running on both sides.

The sun was shining and I had the rare opportunity to be in my bikini even though away from the beach.

Little bit further and as we were crossing the Arcachon bay, there were beaches long until the eye can reach, and waves were crashing on the golden sand.

Guys with mariniéres shirts were walking on the beach and surfers were playing with the baby waves, no doubt why the call the French West Coast.

Last but not least was the city of Bordeaux, a majestic beauty all in built with the typical french architecture, right in front of the water.

We took a walk in from of the Place de la Bourse and took a look of the Post de Piere, that connects the right bank side with the left one, all made by stone built back in 1820’s.

The sun was shining and the waters of the statue fountains were like small diamonds that crash with each other.

Last stop was the restaurant of the awarded with one michelin star chef, Vivien Durand, Le Prince Noir or The Black Prince, which was part of an old castle right next to the Pond d’Aquitaine.

How wonderful was to enjoy the six course dinner with a delicious red, local wine watching the sun diving behind the bridge.