Bananas and Surfers is the Thing
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Tuesday, 07 March 2017
/ Canary Islands, Spain
Photos by: Argy Salvatore

It’s been almost a year since I was in Canary Islands. During winter, in the middle of January the temperature was at 25 degrees, something I could not imagine being true since I am from Greece and despite the fact that it’s warm there too during winter, it’s definitely not like that in the Canarias.


I was there all alone after I found a huge bargain for my airplane ticket. 5 euro for a plane ticket sounds fun ? Yeah, it was. When i reached Tenerife, immediately I felt strange. Why? I was there near Atlantic Ocean surrounded by strangers, palm trees and bananas. Oh the bananas. 69 cents per kilo. Consequently, I had a lot along with some cheeseburgers and fries from McDonalds.

Unfortunately I couldn’t swim since the weather was not appropriate cause of the wind that made the local authorities place some red flags near the beaches meaning that it’s prohibited to swim and if you do so, it’s at your own risk. Though, it didn’t stop surfers to do their thing even if it was, indeed, prohibited for them as well.

I checked through some websites for the best beaches to visit even if it was for just some snapping. I was walking for over an hour to find the one I was triggered by the most. It was called “Playa Bollulo” (Bollullo beach). On my way to that beach, I was walking between banana and palm trees and I was thinking “dude, you’re all alone in an island at the Atlantic Ocean”. I finally reached the beach, which was located under a cliff, that means I had to go down too many stairs only to find a black sand beach, totally remote, with a little bar on the backside serving some refreshing cocktails and some sandwiches. 

On my way back, god probably sent an angel to bring me home since I was more than exhausted. He was a local guy speaking spanish horribly. Locals from Canary Islands all speak spanish as mother language but you can’t understand shit even if your level is advanced. This did not stop me from finding my way on this paradise on earth! 

The days passed with me having eye - orgasms and devouring all the freshness the sea and the breeze give you. 

Would I go back? Definitely!!

Argy Salvatore is a radio producer at Mansta Radio .

Follow his adventures on Instagram: @argysalvatore