De Marktkantine
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, by Katja
Photos by: Jaap Beyleveld, Rachel Margaretha Ecclestone, Sam Eye Am

De Marktkantine

 Jan van Galenstraat 6, 1051 KM Amsterdam

Phone: 020 723 1760

Okay, I might be a tiny bit positively biased on this place, as I was working here for a good two years and half my friends, I met there. Truth be told, though, it's a damn impressive club; apart from the two "official" rooms and an extra floor on top, it has lots of hidden spaces, which, with some luck and good timing you might find hosting a special-edition party. The music could be techno, house, disco but sky is the limit, not only for the possibilities but also for its emblematic door hosts. Once a week I'll pop up, with a liking for Fridays.