Sweet Summer (?) Nights
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Wednesday, 30 August 2017
/ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photos by: Sotiria Kristalli

August is the month connected with holidays either in or out of the city. You can be one of those who run bare foot on sandy beaches and swim in crystal blue waters, or stay in the city enjoying the unusual serenity of the streets and the open air festivals that take place everywhere around you. Living in Amsterdam has its ups and downs, including the weather that is not always perfect. The cool temperatures though make you feel comfortable in city clothes, let alone that you should always carry a cardigan with you, following your mom's advice.


One sweet but cool evening I decided to go to the open air film festival that was taking place on the western dock, the Pluk de Nacht or Seize the Night in English. The very last week of August short and long films from new and independent directors and artists are presented on a big outdoor screen, under the blue sky. Mini vans with hot dogs and veggie burgers as well as a bar and a coffee track were parked around us to provide the necessary energy to attend the screenings, and the fanciest outdoor WC I have ever seen.        

It is Saturday and we are about to watch the short film Berlin Metanoia by Erik Schmitt, a very interesting perspective of Berlin’s lifestyle through ‘flying’ shots, and Krisha a film by the american Trey Edward Schults, a family drama with a strong main character full of prejudice and personal suffering. The weather was not our friend though, and by the time the film was about to start a shower forced us all to move into the tent that was made by the organizers in case of rain. All this inconvenience had a lot of fun after all but I didn't manage to finish the screening cause it was getting cold and I haven't followed my mom's advice, and wear a cardigan.

I gave it a second try on Tuesday, with a big sun shining all day and a small chance of rain. This time I wouldn't forget my cardigan. When I arrived many chaises longues were already in front of the screen and people were chatting or enjoying their beers and hot dogs before the screening. This time we were about to watch an animated short film by Sawako Kabuki, which provoked the laugher of the audience as the title was Anal Juice and the story was all about that. 

Next was the short Post Party, a story about misunderstandings that happen between friends. At the end, hopefully, all is solved because of true feelings. 


The long film was Dark Blue Girl by Mascha Schilinski, a family drama about a girl who doesn't want her parents together as she loves her father pathologically. It was shocking to see the parents leaving each other because their daughter was grumpy about their relationship. 

On my way back, with a soft breeze caressing my face and hair I realized that in open air cinemas you are transferred to exotic places where birds and cicadas are singing, even if the scenery is completely different. Having such a feeling, I renewed my rendez vous with Pluk de nacht for next year!