Some To Go, More To Come
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, by Katja
Friday, 18 August 2017
/ Edinburgh, Scotland
Photos by: Katja Kristalli

Odd as Scotland may look at first sight, as an island option for this summer, it was indicated by my fervor wish to spend some time with my best friend, Theano and stand bravely in front of spending another year suntan-free. Yet, the timing was superb, as apart from the medieval scenery, the greenery and Theano, Edinburgh has much to offer, with a special emphasis on Fringe Festival, taking place every August. It is an art festival, that embraces a great deal of art forms while attracting a whole lot of visitors, and the city has this lively fuzz that makes you want to stay out of home all day long.


We began with visiting several exhibitions around the city, with the first one, being Jac Leirner’s “Add It Up”, hosted at The Fruitmarket Gallery. It was a collection of her works, picked carefully from throughout her whole artistic presence since the 80s, depicting the Brazilian artist’s multiple directions of gaze. An ode to messiness and order at the same time, Leirner arranges colors and sizes, disciplines obsessions and addictions, emphasizing on the rule while occasionally surpassing it, paying homage to artists that have inspired her creative development.

The day was perfect to stay at the café of the gallery and read a bit about her – I also had a soup.

As one might expect, the theatrical performances and plays occupy quite a large space in the agenda and if one bears interest on fresh approaches on theater and performing arts in general, then Fringe Festival should definitely be on  his/her list. Of course, it is pretty challenging to watch and attend it all, so we had to pick something out of every genre. Yesterday, we watched a dance theater piece, Lady Macbeth: Unsex Me Here and it was merely breathtaking; created by Kally Lloyd-Jones and a cast compiling by three male dancers, all playing Lady Macbeth, it was an intensely emotional play, with an elaborate choreography that had largely integrated the British Sign Language; an unreserved recommendation, for sure.