It's A-live!
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, by Katja
Thursday, 04 May 2017
/ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photos by: Sotiria Kristalli

After having spent Friday at De School and Saturday at De Marktkantine, Soso and I had this underlying understanding that we would spend the rest of the week mostly at restaurants, the couch and the gym.

This understanding was apparently way too underlying, since on Monday night we were both passing the door of Sugarfactory, to attend the first Electronic Live Sessions series or ELS.


Sugarfactory was no stranger to me; I had visited it with friends from the university on one of its “Techno Tuesdays”, that my friend Darja is so fond of, and immediately became one with the space (as I managed to embarrass myself by falling from their –pretty harmless- stairs). Anyway, after every falling one needs to get back on that horse and continue, so there we were. 

The invitation came from our friend Jasper, whose musical aesthetic we were already aware of; he would contribute with three interlude dj sets between the live acts of two other local upcoming artists, LY Foulidis and tempodooloo.

Upon entering the room, what was pleasantly striking was the intimacy of it and I’m not only talking about size; of course I was expecting a young crowd but it was actually a versatile audience, which seemed to be all connected in terms of mood and collective anticipation.

Both live acts were awesome; making use of synthesizers, keyboards, samplers, all combined in a beautiful, funky experimental –and always electronic- sound were succeeding one another, with the dj sets in-between providing a warm, uplifting flow. It was great to see such rigorous and energetic performances on stage and along with the crowd, it was a fully refreshing experience. 

And I must say I adore how Dutch people like to combine image and sound in their events. This time around, vivid, geometrical visuals were flooding the room, all curated by Jakob Povel and Roel Weerdenburg (the VJ duo Correlate, as Sean later informed me).

Sean Groen, the programmer of this series of events and one of the co-founders (along with Puck van Dijck, Lotte Fokkens, Anouk Kelhout and Angus van der Vaart) was another pleasant surprise; we were officially introduced at a party, literally, three meters underground (another thing to cherish about this city) and I couldn’t help following along her excitement when discussing about bringing all these creative minds together. 


There are two more wholly new versions of ELS arriving on the –much expected- springtime, and I am looking forward to see what else these kids are up to.

You can stay updated yourself on the ELS series and everything that’s been cooking around it by pressing here.