2017: An ADE Odyssey
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, by Katja
Friday, 27 October 2017
/ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Photos by: Katja Kristalli

Doing the second voice on a post-ADE exodus, (as the first is still a bit crumbling), I made some thoughts on new traditions that come along with new places (and many other random ones).


ADE or Amsterdam Dance Event is a four-day music let’s-call-it-festival that takes place on day and night, at every slot that could possibly host a party and DJ’s from all over the world parade in this small, picturesque while astonishingly buzzing city. Although “where to party” was never really a matter here, ADE is something that is anticipated already from September and it applies to everyone as the chances of not finding a place to agree upon one’s music taste are quite thin. “It’s like Christmas for electronic music “, as my friend Jorn beautifully remarked and I couldn’t agree more.

On my second ADE experience (I like to think that “more than once equals tradition”), apart from my iron constitution, I was equipped with the company of an indescribably restless crew, deriving from the extended De Marktkantine family, my actual family (Soso is naturally my other half, the one that’s always hungry) and Popi, this brilliant addition that arrived from outer space (a.k.a. Athens, Greece), whose birthday came to set the whole schedule on merciless fire.

Transcending the apparent level of it being a literal apotheosis of the genre, ADE provides an ample space of time and options to appreciate and enjoy one of the many reasons we go to clubs; an eloquent narration of the highlightened mutuality encountered in such venues. It is traced in the bilaterally encouraged and vibrant interaction between the artists and the audience and in the audience's dynamics per se. It always feels like a spontaneous formation of a team, this time music-centered, sharing the excitement of all being at the very place at this certain moment and the surprise of miraculously finding your step in the dark. 

Loads of records were broken this year; competing on hours of sleep (playing on a single-digit scale), hours of work and hours of dancing, number of burgers a human being can eat, ADE left me ecstatic and delighted to foresee -at least- one more year in Amsterdam.

Let me provide a detailed itinerary of our activities, a list that can function as a memoir of our days of youth as well as a great excuse for not answering my phone for the first half of the week:

Wednesday night: Pan-Pot presents Second State @ De Marktkantine

Thursday night: Tresor x BPitch @ RADION

Friday night: NGHTDVSN & LittleBig pres. Teleport @ De Marktkantine

Saturday morning: BREAKFAST CLUB @ RADION

Saturday night: Hivern Discs with John Talabot @ De Marktkantine 

Sunday morning: Het Weekend @ De School

Sunday night: DJ Harvey @ De Marktkantine

Monday morning: ADE Afterparty @ De Marktkantine