A brainchild of sisters Soso and Katja, the Beach Bum is a cool guy who loves people and knows how to take life easily. Inevitably, he bears features of both his mothers: he is curious, extravagant and unstoppably romantic, always wandering between the many possibilities of life.

The Boulevard is the Beach Bum's only home; quasi-perpetual motion in his way of dealing with the vastness and uncertainty of the world. Defying the norms, he ignores all types of schedule and plans. He doesn't own a map, nor does he follow a predefined route, other than the one dictated by his heart.

Within that nomadic heart of his, friends and family are undoubtedly a centerpiece. The Beach Bum acknowledges no distance when it comes to his next of kin. Since his two mothers have always been afar, proximity is to him nothing more than a matter of ... well, luggage. Either way, he is a light traveler. Material goods are to him as significant as their functionality suggests. His only property consists of numerous pairs of shoes, which enable him to walk anywhere he wishes. He only takes them off to sit on the beach and think about love, people and the world around him.

Creative himself, the Beach Bum knows how to appreciate creativity, surrounding himself with the great art -and artists- he occasionally bumps into. Most importantly, he knows how to trace creativity even in the least expected of places - a web page, a display window, a wall, even a golf match.

Speaking of art, he's managed to master the skill of problem-solving. Fully aware that life is not a bed of roses, he believes that riding the tides of time and handling a critical situation with style and gusto is equally -if not more- important than the situation itself. Keeping calm while dealing with difficulties and getting amused with the unexpected are, either way, two of his greatest assets.

To him, as to us, the beauty of life lies within and beyond the occasional furor of everyday life: human relationships, stressful situations, financial trouble, work dilemmas... they're all at play, yet we can always make the best of them if we take things easily.

The Beach Bum Boulevard is nothing more than a common state of mind we all share, which combines the mundane with the unexpected, celebrating life in all its glorious -sometimes complicated- forms, glamorous or casual.

After all, deep inside, we all have a little Beach Bum within us, don't you agree?