Kolokotroni 9
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Photos by: Dimitris Giakoumakis


Kolokotroni 9, 105 62, Athens, Greece

Phone: +30 21 0323 2795

Nine has been through the time a number that symbolised a variety of things.
Starting from from the Indians who related it as a natural continuum of 3 and with that the infinity, till the western european legends about the 9 riders of doom that ruled the laws of chivalry. 


In Greek mythology there were 9 muses, one for each type of art, that protected the poets and philosophers and led them towards the path of creation.
Coming to Greece nowadays, in Athens -capital of everything- there is a place called 9 that specialises in the art of taste, and more specifically, in the creation of cocktails, based on fresh materials of almost every kind.

You see alcohol getting married with flowers and spices and wood oils can add up to your taste experience in an unexpected way.

Dimitris, the owner, comes from Crete, an authentic Greek paradise, full of tastes to explore and he learnt how to take advantage of everything nature has to offer him.
Tradition and contemporary creativity are mixed in a martini glass and can travel your senses to magical places.

On the walls you see all kinds of books (not that you’ll want to read, but one can never know) hanging around with chimpanzees on paintings that he brought from his travels.

Try the Enjoy Division cocktail with cardamon and feel your body filling with a sweet fire.